"She is a inspiring, honest, personable, relatable coach. Speaking from her own personal experiences to improve your own. Charlie does really become a trusted friend. She has taught me life lessons that I will keep and practice. She has changed my whole perspective on what counseling is an couldn't recommend her highly enough."

Bethany Chattwood

"When I needed a Councillor I didn't know where to turn as the wait for NHS was 4 to 5 months and I couldn't wait that long. I wanted to find someone I could click with and who got me and I found Charlie. I took everything in and trusted her and wow her ways worked and I would recommend her in a heartbeat. By the end I didn't just view Charlie as my counselor who I went to each week for 9 weeks but as a friend too."

Kim Parker

"I can never thank Charlie enough for helping me. I have my life back. Im really excited for the future. For the first time in a long long time I can see the way forward. Charlie is so experienced. Honestly you are in the best hands xxx "

Andrea O'Reilly

"Finished my last session tonight and can honestly say seeing charlie theses past few weeks has been one of best experiences so far. seeing her has really boosted my confidence and sense of self. she helped me with tools and goal settings and challenged me every week.Really recommend for a friendly face each week and a chance to build a better you. thanks charlie!"

Jenny Anne Whitcombe

"Can't thank Charlie enough for her hard work and support over the past couple of months. She has helped me accept myself and change my mindset, alongside using fantastic techniques and skills to support my progress. Thoroughly recommend to anyone needing a helping hand!"

Kirsten Warden