At Blossom Fields I include a wide range of activities in my counselling practice, I thought I would give you a little insight, also you can try these at home...

  • The five senses....if your ever feeling overwhelmed with anxiety this activity will help to ground yourself. start by noticing 5 things around you, then 4 things you can feel around you, then 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste. By using your senses you are being mindful, being in the here and now, you are focusing on your senses rather than the anxiety itself.

  • The anchor...In the moment of a panic attack all we can focus on is the anxiety, its a scary place, I've been there many times. But what if in that moment we can begin to focus on something else. A panic attack is source of adrenaline rippling through your body, so we need to slow it find a anchor, usually your breath, focus on that breath, try to slow it down, 7 seconds in and 11 seconds out.

  • Creative writing is an excellent tool for releasing emotions, some of the greatest songwriters of our time, have write amazing songs which was based on their own experiences. When you’re writing creatively you are drawing in from your own experiences, sometimes getting them out there and down on paper helps to realise the built up emotions.

  • The crumpled paper exercise...this exercise is to help individuals who struggle to find a healthy outlet for their anger. Never deny your anger its a feeling that should not be suppressed but there are certainly healthier ways we can learn to manage. 
    First of all find a piece of paper, screw it up in your hand, feel the anger, then take the piece of paper and flatten it out, now take some colouring pencils and start to turn your anger into something beautiful.

There are all sorts of ways you can write creatively, personally I write lyrics, but story writing and poetry are excellent ways to release that emotion too. Even just jotting everything down like a diary is another excellent tool. Also try talking about your writings too.